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Launching a new website to showcase my two-decade journey in West Greenland feels like a homage to the extraordinary times we’ve encountered. This reflection brings to light that it’s undeniably the world’s premier skiing destination. My global quests in search of pristine ski terrains have yielded countless precious memories of collective adventures. And as I reflect now, I’m so grateful for Brad and his family for asking me to take them heliskiing here in 2002.

Right from the outset, the experience was unique. In those early years, as various guides brought their international clients to carve fresh tracks on untouched slopes, the magnitude of the landscape astounded us. We’d reach a summit, believing ourselves to be the first, only to spot our previous tracks etched on the other side – a testament to the expanse of the territory. The thoughtful selection of powder on the north faces and corn snow to the south has us perpetually analyzing which glacier or couloir will offer the perfect conditions, whether at 9:00 AM or 9:00 PM, in the elongated Arctic days.

With the passing of time, as we charted more runs, we infused efficiency into our helicopter logistics. Amidst evolving regulations, changing fuel protocols, advanced pilot training, and rising costs, my conviction remains that we are delivering an unparalleled service to those who can afford the time and resources for such a matchless escapade.

I hope you’ll join me in this arctic trip of a lifetime.


Verbier, Switzerland January 31, 2024

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