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Greenland heli skiing
The best heli skiing in the world

Stunning sights

On your initial runs, the sensation of snow under your feet might be overshadowed by the breathtaking fjord vistas unfolding below. Our heli-skiing experience offers sights of glaciers cascading into the fjords, rugged granite summits, and spectacular ocean views.

Long runs

Our heli-skiing runs are notably longer compared to other operations, with some descents reaching nearly 2000 meters in elevation. The diverse terrain ranges from steep couloirs to expansive, gentle glaciers. Each season, we continue to pioneer first descents.


Staying in the small village of Maniitsoq for a few days offers the unique chance to engage with the local residents and gain insights into the lifestyle and culture of living in Greenland.

Our dates for 2025

April 3 to 10
April 10 to 17

In 2019 Between The Eyes film production was with us to create a new film of Xavier De Le Rue for the Relentless power drink.

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We are one of the first and most experienced helicopter skiing operation in these Greenlandic fjords.

Our little spot seems to be attracting the attention of the international, heliskiing community, and we are happy to contribute to this ongoing process of regulation.

Watch our video from Greenland Heli ski back in 2014.


Your safety starts the day you book with us:


We are uniquely positioned to take advantage of hundreds of glacial runs dropping into 3 different fjords directly behind the Island of Maniitsoq.

The skiing is very relaxed! We have the use of our own helicopter, shared with three groups. Therefore, there is no pressure to ski fast and to keep up with any other groups. You decide how fast or slow you would like to ski. You decide with your guide where you would like to ski. Since the price includes a boat, you can decide to return to the base earlier or later than the other group, on the boat. You could even take the afternoon off to go fishing if you so choose.

Greenland heli skiing. The best heli skiing in the world