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What to Bring?


Fat skis work well in the variable snow conditions we encounter in Greenland. I was skiing on K2 Coombas (135-102-121) this year, and found them ideal. If they are mounted with a pair of Fritschi ski mountaineering bindings, we can ski tour on any down days. Regular alpine ski poles are fine.

A transceiver is necessary, and since we will be skiing on glaciated terrain, an alpine harness is also required. We provide everyone with ABS avalanche back packs.

A shovel and probe is standard equipment you should bring with you.


A warm down jacket and Sorel winter boots are good gear for the cool Kangaamiut mornings. Expect temperatures around -1 at sea level, and colder as we gain hight. It can get very warm when the sun is out, and there is no wind. So it is a good idea to have enough layers to be cool enough to ski hard, but be able to put on a warm layer when waiting for the heli in the shade with the wind blowing. I wear a light weight short sleeve first layer, a second layer light weight long sleeve, and a light Gortex jacket. I keep a synthetic down jacket in my pack if things get cool. A visor is good to keep the sun off your head, and a warm hat to keep in warm. Sun-cream and lip balm is good.