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Greenland heli skiing - best heli skiing in the world

The terrain we ski around Maniitsoq offers everything from steep couloirs to long, flat glaciers. We are still doing first descents every season.

To fully enjoy this exceptional experience, it’s recommended that clients be physically fit and possess experience in backcountry skiing across diverse snow conditions. Nonetheless, we’ve successfully introduced intermediate skiers to the art of powder skiing. Greenland presents an ideal setting for learning, thanks to its expansive glaciers unmarked by previous ski tracks. Should you have any uncertainties or inquiries regarding your skiing proficiency, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our operation is strategically situated to access a multitude of glacial descents that spill into three distinct fjords behind the island of Maniitsoq. By organizing three groups, each consisting of four clients and a guide, we efficiently distribute helicopter usage across the groups. This approach ensures our clients receive the utmost skiing value for their Euro.